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Barbie Watches

Picture of JK Girl's Me To You Teddy Bear Pink Leather Strap Watch.

Barbie Watches

All girls simply love Barbie! This icon has managed to always stay en vogue for the latest 50 years and is still one of the most appreciated images on the market, constantly reinvented and up to date with the latest fashion. All girls have a Barbie doll and play with it all day long so why not motivate them to learn reading the time with a Barbie girls watch? Check out our Barbie girls watches gallery and you will certainly find one appropriate for your little girl, sister, niece or friend. Browse through our range of Barbie watches to make sure you find the perfect girls watch and make your little girl feel as stylish and trendy as her favourite model. Make sure you pick the best girls watch gift of all times. 

Picture of Barbie Analogue Watch.

Barbie Analogue Watch


The Barbie Analogue Watch is a cool watch for young girls thanks to the Barbie patterns and the girly fancy design. The adjustable pink rubber strap is featured Barbie patterns and the round dial screen has Barbie on its background. It is easy to read the time on this watch so this is a great choice for a first watch. Give your little girl a chance to learn the time with Barbie, one of girls’ favourite characters. You will not regret choosing this gift for your little girl once you see the look in her eyes. 


Picture of Barbie Time Teacher Pink Glitter Strap Watch.

Barbie Time Teacher Pink Glitter Strap Watch 


The Barbie Time Teacher Pink Glitter Strap Watch is the best choice a parent can make for their little girls’ first watch. This girly watch is not just a cute accessory for your little girl but also a help in reading the time. The round dial screen features Barbie on the background and is coloured differently on each side so that your girl encounters no difficulties in differentiating the “to” from the “past”. The pink glittery adjustable strap will make this watch even more attractive for all little girls.