Baby-G Watches


  • Baby G Watches
    Browse through our range of Baby-G Girls Watches offered by Casio and we guarantee you will find great stylish watches and excellent performance.
  • Barbie Watches
    Browse through our range of Barbie watches to make sure you find the perfect girls watch and make your little girl feel as stylish and trendy as her favourite model. Make sure you pick the best girls watch gift of all times.
  • Bench Watches
    Make sure you check our gallery of Bench girls’ watches whenever you have a special occasion and you need a special gift for a special girl or woman.

Girls Watches Best Sellers

  • Disney Watches
    Check out our gallery of girl watches Disney Watches featuring Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Minnie Mouse and many more. We also have a large range of girls’ watches sets with bracelets, necklaces and alarm clocks included, all of them excellent gift opportunities for your little girl.
  • Hannah Montana Watches
    Make your little girl feel like a superstar with a Hannah Montana girl’s watch or a Hannah Montana gift set.
  • High School Musical Watches
    Make sure that your little girl has one of the latest High School Musical girls’ watches by buying her the greatest High School Musical watch from Girls Watches.
  • Morgan Watches
    Make sure you are always in fashion by wearing the Morgan girls watch.
  • Pink Watches
    Give your little girl a chance to see life in pink; make her feel charming, cheerful and girly with our latest pink girls watch designs.
  • Playboy Watches
    Browse through our stylish and bold collection of Playboy Bunny Girls Watches. The funny and glamorous brand appeals to a wide range of teenagers and young adults, and makes an excellent choice for all women.
  • Teddy Bear Watches
    Our sweet range of "Me to You" teddy bear watches is a classic one for any young girl learning to tell the time, or with an eye for a stylish design.
  • Watches to Teach the Time
    Learning to tell the time is a milestone in any girl’s life, so make sure she can do it with her favourite Disney character, Me to You Tatty Teddy Bear, Barbie, or any model of pink girls watch.
  • Watch Gift Sets
    If you are looking for a girls watch with that little bit extra, check out our variety of watch gift sets.
  • All Watches
    Browse through our full range of girls watches, ordered by price for your convenience. Included in the list are High School Musical Watches, Barbie Watches, Hannah Montana Watches, Pink Watches, Bench Watches and many more.

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